About Reminiscences


The mission of The Reminiscences Project is to share the authentic experience of minority communities through the power of visual storytelling.

Our goal is to inspire curiosity, empathy, and understanding of diverse cultures, and issues, with a commitment to journalistic integrity and accuracy that will educate, inform, and provoke meaningful conversations.

By amplifying the voices of minority communities, we work towards a more just and inclusive society, challenging negative stereotypes and biases.

We believe all people deserve to have their stories heard and their experiences acknowledged, regardless of their background or identity.



For some years I worked with the charity AgeUK, documenting positive practice in dementia care. Paradoxically in the course of this work I came into contact with many people, living into extreme old age, who retained acute memories, and I became aware that while I was making portraits, recording the visual presence of lives in the present, the stories of their lives and their opinions of the world were being passed over.

Like many photographers, I have been fortunate to have access to people, places and communities across all walks of life. In 2015 I had the opportunity to spend time with a community of Travelling families in the midlands of the Irish republic. I founded Reminiscences Magazine, added a field recorder and extra notepad to my camera bag and started to record my subject’s words and thoughts alongside their portraits.

Mike Stone    London    January 2023



Reminiscences #001 Travellers   Published June 2016 was first exhibited at the Cavan Arts Centre in November 2016, subsequently touring Ireland as an educational resource for schools and included in the 2017 IPB Pride of Place Awards.

Reminiscences #002 Jewish Veterans of the RAF   Published January 2021, has been exhibited at The Wiener Library for the Study of the Holocaust & Genocide in November 2017 and subsequently at the RAF Museum in London as part of their Hidden Heroes project.

Reminiscences #003 Jewish Veterans of WWII   To be published in 2023 will include Naval and Army veterans

Reminiscences #004  Is in the early stages of production


Awards & Exhibitions:

Hidden Heroes of the RAF
Royal Air Force Museum Hendon

Ireland’s Minority ‘Is Anyone Listening?’ Portraits of the Traveller community
The Irish Traveller Ethnicity Celebration 2018
Royal Hospital Kilmainham, Dublin

Reminiscences: The Veterans of WWII
The Wiener Gallery London

Ireland’s Minority ‘Is Anyone Listening?’ Portraits of the Traveller community
Cootehill Centre, Cootehill Ireland

IPB Pride of Place Award for Ireland’s Minority ‘Is Anyone Listening?’ Portraits of the Traveller community

Ireland’s Minority ‘Is Anyone Listening?’ Portraits of the Traveller community
Johnston Centre, Cavan, Ireland

Celebrating Talent: Celebrity Portraits by Mike Stone
Oxford University Press Gallery, Oxford

Celebrating Talent: Celebrity Portraits by Mike Stone
The European Commission Gallery, Westminster, London

Agfa Student Photography Awards Winner of the Portrait Category
National Theatre Gallery London

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